Viral Traffic Boost Review 2020: Read THIS Before Purchasing

Viral Traffic Boost Review

Viral Traffic Boost Review

What is Viral Traffic Boost?

Viral Traffic Boost is a WordPress Plugin you can install on your website that allows you to create a”magic button” that drives traffic, builds your E-Mail list and makes sales for you.

Viral Traffic Boost Demo:

Ok, but how does Viral Traffic Boost exactly work and how do you set this up once you purchase it.  Let’s take see how Viral Traffic works step-by-step.

1.Step: With the Viral Traffic Boost plugin, you will be able to create a “button” that like this and fully style it.


Step 2: Add your Facebook message (here you decide what image and text will be shared)


Step 3: Create your Banner

The Banner will be shown on the redirect page after sharing the Facebook message

Step 4: You will now receive a shortcode which you can place anywhere on your site!


How does Viral Traffic Booster work?

Viral Traffic Boost works in 3 easy steps:

1. First, Viral Traffic Boost shares your page on their Facebook wall.
2. Then, Viral Traffic Boost pulls their email address from Facebook and automatically adds it directly to your subscriber list (without any optin-form).
3. At last Viral Traffic Boost redirects them to any offer page of your choice where your Banner is shown.

Read below to see what advantages that has:

Viral Traffic Boost Benefits:

✔️ Pull organic social traffic to your pages

✔️ Adding targeted leads to your autoresponder (e.x Mailchimp, Getresponse)

✔️ Recommending the perfect products to solve your subscriber needs

✔️ Viral Traffic Boost plugin works in any Niche on ANY WordPress site

✔️Viral Traffic Boost AUTOMATICALLY  adds the Facebook E-Mail of the user who shared your page to your Autoresponder (WITHOUT an opt-in-form)

✔️ Beginner-Friendly: You don’t need any experience in Web design when customizing Viral Traffic Magic Button

✔️ 10 Customizable Done-For-You Templates in the top 10 hottest niches!

Viral Traffic Booster Plugin Demo Video:

Is Viral Traffic Boost a scam?

No, Viral Traffic Boost is a legit WordPress plugin that can increase your Subscriber list, drive more traffic and can get you sales. It is a 3-in-1 plugin. In addition to that, they also offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the plugin.

Viral Traffic Boost Review Conclusion:

Viral Traffic Boost is an extremely helpful tool that can not only increase your subscriber list but also increases your traffic from social media (in this case Facebook), and therefore this plugin passively creates backlinks to your site. Extremely helpful for SEO and ranking on google. In addition to the plugin can make you money (when redirecting to a product)! There is no real disadvantage on this plugin, except that it is paid, but considering on what you’re getting in return the price is an absolute killer!

Viral Traffic Boost Pricing:

The Pricing for this WordPress plugin stars at 17$ for the base version. You can also upgrade to the PRO version which costs 37$, which allows you to use the plugin on multiple sites and you have 10 pre-done campaign ready to use, which is a huge time-saver. For the long run I would recommend just going straight for the PRO version, however for the start you can also got for the 17$ one.
You can buy Viral Traffic Booster here.

Viral Traffic Boost Discount & Bonuses:

Currently Viral Traffic Booster is at discount from its original 297$ price. So get it while this price is so low.  I even managed to get you some special bonuses if you purchase with my link:


NOTE: The Bonus is only available for the first 300 people once the progress bar hits 300 that means all spots for the bonuses have been taken! So hurry while you can.

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