How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads

Start Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads

Alright, you want to start affiliate marketing with Facebook ads? There are some key points that you should keep in mind when running Facebook ads.

However, first, let’s see why it’s good to use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing.

Why Facebook?

how to start Affiliate Marketing with Facebook ads

Facebook currently has over 2,4 billion active users. This means you can reach 60.6% of Internet users with Facebook. You can target nearly any niche you are advertising.


How To Run Facebook Ads With Affiliate Marketing

The first thing you want to make sure is that you have a proper funnel. Back in the days, you could just create an ad and put your affiliate link as your destination URL. However, this NO LONGER works.

If you try to do it this way, your campaign will get disapproved, and most likely, your ad account is going to be banned. So instead of having the stress to get your ad account enabled again, just do it the right way from the start.

Ok, then what is the right way to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads?

Use A Opt-In/Bridge page.

You want to have an additional page, a bridge page. You would send users from your Facebook to that bridge page. On the bridge page, you can give away a free book (lead magnet), a free checklist, or the bridge page can be a presell page with an article on it.

The Funnel would look like this:

Your Best Option: Use A Lead Page

Lead pages are compelling and are the best way to advertise on Facebook without getting your ad account banned.

On a lead page, you offer the person on the page something in return for their E-Mail list. You might offer them a free ebook on how to start affiliate marketing with Facebook ads, or you might share them tips on how to lose weight fast (Don’t worry, I’ll tell you later where to get these books).


Alright, let’s say you are promoting an affiliate product in the ‘make money online’ niche. Instead of sending your traffic directly to your affiliate link (which you can’t do anymore), you use a lead page where you will get their E-Mail in return for the book.

So you would redirect them to this page:

leadpages guide

For the user to get the book, they have to give their e-mail address (because that’s where the book will be sent too)

Now after the user clicks on ‘Send me the guide,’ you can redirect them to your affiliate link.

Now you got the email address from the user, where you can now send E-Mail sequences too promoting your product.

Note: Warm leads always convert better than straight cold traffic. If someone sent you to a link and told you to buy the product instantly, you probably wouldn’t do it.

You can send automated E-Mail sequences with Getresponse.


How To Create A Lead Page Easily

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. I don’t want to spend hours setting up a lead page. It’s too time-consuming.


You can use a platform called Leadpages, which allows you to create Leadpages within minutes! It is cheaper than Clickfunnels, and it offers a 14 days trial, which you can get here.

Sign Up To Leadpages

First, Sign up to Leadpages and start your 14-day trial and choose a plan. If you are only going for lead pages where you collect e-mails and redirect someone, you can go for the standard plan. You can also choose the PRO Plan where you can create high converting landing pages, and it includes the Split testing feature. However, the Standard plan is also fine for the beginning.

Now just enter your details and continue.

Now the hardest part is done.

You will be redirected to a page like this. Since you are going to create a lead page for advertising purposes, you will want to click on ‘Generate Leads.

Here you will have different options once again. Since we are going to use a lead magnet (offering something free to the person), we are going to choose ‘Free Resource.


Now you can choose whatever design fits you.

Note:  All the designers are already optimized for high conversion, they have a clean and simple layout

Now you can see a template you can edit. Editing the template is pretty easy to use; it has a drag and drop builder.

You will want to change the title/image to your actual lead magnet.

Now we will cover on how to get a lead magnet if you don’t have one

Note: You do not have to buy a new domain or anything; you can host every lead page you create on their servers.

Getting A Leadmagnet:

Some affiliate products you promote on Clickbank already have a lead-magnet you can install and use.

Here is an example

However, not all affiliate products have that. If you need a lead magnet head over here to this PLR website

Go ahead and register and then search for a lead magnet in your niche.

For example, I searched ‘Affiliate Marketing’ and came across this one

On this website, you can get a lead magnet to download it and add it to your lead pages account.