Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Review

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Review

So you are interested in buying Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 from Scott Hilse, but you want to be sure that it is worth the price you are getting it for?

Then you found the right place.

I actually bought the Course

I always recommend not to start dropshipping without some kind of guidance, because trust me you will lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing-especially in E-Commerce.

simplified dropshipping 4.0 review



The 4.0 version has a total of 39 videos. The length of the videos varies a lot. Some videos are only a few minutes long, and some are 15 minutes long (Facebook videos). Overall the Course is about 3 hours long, which quite low compared to others. However, that isn’t necessarily bad. After all, you want to know all the essentials you need and no BS.


Let’s get into the structure of the Course so you can get an insight into what to expect.

Lessons 1-12 :

In the first 12 videos, Scott shows you how to create a Shopify store and how to do product research. He also shows his previous 6-figures stores; he shows the site he used, the product, and he even goes into his FB Ad account and shows you his previous campaigns. It is always good to have a case study on a course!

Lessons 13-21 :

Here Scott shows you how Facebook works and how to launch your Facebook campaign. He also shows you some great apps you need to install on your Shopify store (to increase conversions).

You will also learn:

  1. How to create a Facebook Page
  2. How to create a Facebook Business account

Lessons 22-32

This section of the Course will guide you on how to fulfill orders, how to analyze your ads/optimize them. Also, Scott Hilse will show you two different ways to scale your Facebook Campaign by:

  1. Horizontal ling
  2. Vertical Scaling

You will also learn how to retarget your customers with custom audiences, which is very important when Dropshipping.

Lessons 33-37

This is the last section of the Course, here you will learn how to form an LLC (which is not needed if you are starting), how to outsource,  and you learn some advanced Facebook training on custom audiences.

Private Facebook Group:

Once you bought the Course, you will be able to join the private Facebook group, where you will be able to ask questions and share your experience.

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Pricing:

The Course is currently priced at 497$, which is okay. There are more expensive courses that even charge you 1000+$. However, 497$ is the standard for most of these courses.

Currently, there is no discount available.

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Bonus:

As you may recall, I said that one of the downsides of this Course is the fact that Scott Hilse does not teach you other methods to Dropship other than Facebook.

There are Google Ads (which can very profitable for retargeting). It is for that reason I have included a bonus, an e-book with full instructions on how to use Google ads.

simplified dropshipping 4.0

To acquire this bonus, buy Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 here, and after your purchase is complete, the bonus will be sent to your Mail.

Note:  I only offer this bonus to the first 300 people. Once the following progress bar hits 300, it means all 300 spots for the bonus have been taken!

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