Zooromper-Animal Baby Romper

Zooromper-Animal Baby Romper Posted: July 16, 2021

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Product Description

Become a member of the animal kingdom

Zooromper is the snuggy every baby wants to play with! It’s soft, warm and makes your kid look even more adorable. It’s not only a costume but a great onesie to wear day and night.

On the outside, your child will look like a baby animal, on the inside the feeling is no different. The fabric feels soft to the touch and keeps warmth and coziness, just like a real hide!

Zooromper is great for casual activities like playing and napping, or you can always wear it at a gathering to steal the attention. You’ll fall in love with it as soon as you see your baby in it!

Why Zooromper is for you

Become your favorite animal- Pick from the variety of adorable animal onesies to see which matches best with your kid’s personality!

Thick as fur- Zooromper is not only the cutest costume but also warm, soft and thick as an animal’s hide, your kid will feel nothing but coziness inside!

Never take it off- Cool-looking and super comfortable, Zooromper is a great choice for a wild time at the playground or a cuddly comforter to sleep in!

Zooromper is the ultimate choice- Our animal snuggly combines everything a baby needs, cozy softness, freedom to move and thermal warmth!

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