Zobermac- Smooth Edge Safe Cut Can Opener

Zobermac- Smooth Edge Safe Cut Can Opener Posted: June 7, 2020

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Product Description

You’ll never cut yourself again with this can opener

Zobermac leaves the can’s edges smooth and safe. The unique opening method cuts the top from the outside to ensure your protection.

The opener attaches to the can so you can open it with one arm. You can always put the lid back on to keep the insides fresh.

The blade stays clear of the food inside. Say to jagged sharp edges and hard to use openers. Zobermac offers you all the safety and convenience you’ll ever need.

What makes Zobermac so good

Forget about sharp edges- Zobermac opens cans in a smart and safe way. The side-cutting blade leaves no sharp edges.

A hygienic way of opening- The cutting wheel doesn’t touch the food. The lid can be put back to keep the food fresh.

A simple and safe solution-  Zobermac attaches to the can so you open it with one arm. Opening and lifting the lid is child’s play.

Why Zobermac is for you- Opening cans can be dangerous if you are using an unsafe opener. Zobermac leaves the edges smooth and the food clean.

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