Yazim-3D Fridge Sticker Covers

Yazim-3D Fridge Sticker Covers Posted: July 11, 2021

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Product Description

Give your fridge a colorful makeover

The big old fridge doesn’t fit well in a colorful atmosphere. Yazim can help you turn its gloomy look into another vivid art piece around the house within a couple of minutes!

Yazim brings color, definition and a personal touch to your surroundings, our collection of stickers give you a wide variety of awesome places and wonderful scenes to choose from!

You’ll not only cover the scratches and the worn-out look but bring a colorful new vibe to your kitchen! All you need to make it happen is some peeling, sticking and an eagerness for a change!

Why Yazim is for you

Embellish your kitchen- Turn your boring fridge into one of your home’s best art pieces, set a colorful vibe with our abundant collection of vivid stickers!

A portal to heaven- Seeing an exotic beach, secluded forest or the city’s skyline now takes only one trip to the kitchen!

Stick and smile- You don’t have to go through a hassle just to make your kitchen more colorful, all you need to do is peel it and stick it firmly!

Yazim is the ultimate choice- Whether you are looking to cover up the scratches or beautify your kitchen Yazim will do the trick!

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