Wintlind-Fleece Lined Thermal Jeans

Wintlind-Fleece Lined Thermal Jeans Posted: November 8, 2020

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Product Description

Winter’s finest jeans

For the ones who want to stay trendy, comfy and warm in the winter we’ve made a pair of vintage jeans with a cozy twist you’ll never see from another pair anywhere!

On the outside, Wintlind bring out hipster vibes with their vintage look. On the inside however, you’ll find a thickened velvet cover that’ll keep you warmer than any other jeans could.

Wintlind change the game of fashion with their covert twist that’s nothing like anything you’ve worn. Wintlind will be making a breakthrough this winter, so should you!

Why Wintlind are for you

Always in style- Just like the eternal jeans, Wintlind will always look trendy and go well with any outfit. It’s winter’s safest pick!

Velvet’s touch- They may look like jeans, but on the inside, you’ll find a seamless thick velvet that’ll keep you super cozy when it’s cold.

Old but gold- We’ve kept the vintage look we know you love to make you more hipster than ever! Vintage is never out of style!

Wintlind is the ultimate choice- Choose a look that will never wear out and keep you warm, comfy and trendy during every winter from here on out!

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