WildTrail-Wildlife Recording Cam

WildTrail-Wildlife Recording Cam Posted: October 7, 2020

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Product Description

Capture wildlife in its natural form

WildTrail is a trial camera that doesn’t miss anything from the scenery. With its wide field of view and infrared sensors, WildTrail detects and records and tracks wildlife easily.

The 12MP creates crystal images even at nighttime. You can mount it on any tree to record animals in their natural state. WildTrail is camouflaged and waterproof to stay active no matter what.

Everting is stored in the SD card inside so nothing gets lost. IF you are looking for a reliable camera to hunt or explore the wild then WildTrail is exactly what you need!

Why WildTrail is for you

Breathtaking footage- Observe wildlife as the animals are in front of you. The 1080P quality captures crystal images day and night.

Captures every detail- The 3 infrared sensors detect movement instantly. Every small animal passing by will be recorded in full detail.

Made for the outdoors-  WildTrail is well camouflaged, resists the rough weather and sets up firmly to trees, anywhere is a good place to put it!

WildTrail is the ultimate choice- With this camera, you can capture nature in all its glory without disturbing it or getting dirty, WildTrail is the explorer’s choice!

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