Wigwam-Wig Grip Headband

Wigwam-Wig Grip Headband Posted: October 21, 2020

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Product Description

Let’s make your wig invisible

Wigwam makes a perfect foundation on which you can wear your wig! The band tightly secures your wear and creates a seamless buffer between your forehead and wig.

You don’t have to spend time from your day adjusting the wig as Wigwam secures it tightly and prevents shake offs. The band is super stretchy to provide a comfy feel throughout the day.

When using Wigwam, you ensure the next time you wear a wig no headaches or sweating will ruin your day. You can now go about your day without worrying what’s happening on top!

Why Wigwam is for you

Blends to your forehead- The band easily stretches directly to your head’s proportions and blends the wing with your skin to create a seamless look.

A non-shaky grip- Wigwam secures a tight grip around the wig, ensuring no accidents occur. You don’t need glue or tape, just Wigwam!

Forget you are wearing one- You won’t feel headaches anymore when Wigwam smoothens the rough edges of your wig.

Wigwam is the ultimate choice- Enjoy wearing your wigs without having to feel discomfort or worrying it might shake or fall off!

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