Wei and Lan-Anime Plush Rabbits

Wei and Lan-Anime Plush Rabbits Posted: March 21, 2021

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Product Description

The cutest plushy couple

Bring more love to your surroundings, invite these adorable little rabbits into your home! Wei and Lan are super cuddly, really expressive and a treat to have around!

This lovely couple is always ready to give you a hug when you need one. Kids and adults will find much joy in playing with them and plushy collectors will easily fall in love!

Wei and Lan are the perfect gifts to share with your partner or keep both for your own joy! Find a new pair of friends you can play, cuddle and chill with every day and night!

Why Wei and Lan are for you

The best cuddle company- Cozy up to Wei and Lan whenever you need a hug to find yourself in the softest plushy embrace!

A new pair of friends- Invite the cute couple to your home and light up your gloomy room with their adorable expressive personalities!

Lovable forever- Bring joy to your plushy-loving friends, gift them these adorable bunnies to show them how much you care!

Wei and Lan are the ultimate choices- You won’t find a more adorable addition to your plushy collection, Wei Lan are looking for a home, will it be yours?

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