WaveSave-Swimming Safety Float

WaveSave-Swimming Safety Float Posted: February 3, 2021

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Product Description

An essential for every water activity

WaveSave helps you stay visible, afloat and accommodated when out in the water! Strap it to your waist and you’ll never sink or get into trouble when doing water activates.

In its waterproof pocket, you can store your essentials without having to leave them ashore. As it’s floating around you, WaveSave will not hinder your performance in the water.

Rest assured you’ll be always visible to the boats nearby and afloat even when the big waves hit! The open waters are far less dangerous with a personal lifeguard at your side!

Why WaveSave is for you

Your personal lifeguard- With WaveSave you’ll float without sinking and swim unobstructed so you can do water activities without a worry!

Never go ashore- Find a resting spot in the middle of the sea where you have access to your items so you never have to leave the water!

Seen and secure- Swim confidently knowing you are safe from the boat traffic around. When you are seen, accidents are not a concern!

WaveSave is the ultimate choice- Strap on your personalized buoy and meet your swimming and safety needs for all your swimming activities!

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