WackTrack-Kids Race Track Set

WackTrack-Kids Race Track Set Posted: June 21, 2021

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Product Description

Take on a high-speed adventure

Buckle up your seatbelt because it’s going to get crazy! Take a tour through the dangerous city track that holds surprises and adventure for every driver on it!

There are many obstacles along the way, that’s why the drivers need your help with clearing them out! Time is of the essence so you’ll have to think on your feet!

If you manage to get through the end, go for another run, the exciting races will never end! What are you waiting for, everyone is counting on you to save the city!

Why WackTrack is for you

Take on your rivals- The city’s track holds lots of surprises for your driver, can you make it faster than the competition?

Speed through the dangers- Can you make it out in one piece, use the controls to guide your car through the thrilling obstacles in your way!

Hop on the track- You can forget about complicated instructions, dive right into the action without tiresome assemblies or convoluted tutorials!

WackTrack is the ultimate choice- The high-speed race is waiting for new contenders, have you got what it takes to reach the finish line?

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