Visionix-Dual Reading Glasses

Visionix-Dual Reading Glasses Posted: August 20, 2021

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Product Description

Attain a clear view of the world

There are a lot of dangers to your sight’s integrity you face without even noticing. Pollen, wind and dust are but a few hindrances that can cause mild irritations or totally obstruct your vision.

Visionix are a great choice for keeping your vision intact in every situation! They come in progressive diopters, sturdy designs and stylish choices that give you a good look and even better sight!

Wearing them provides not only protection from particles but from the eye-damaging blue light coming from screens. Face the day ahead with nothing stopping you from reading and seeing clearly!

Why Visionix are for you

Keep your sight sharp- Help your eyes focus through any distance, choose from our progressive diopters to find the optimal eye support for you!

See through obstructions- There are a lot of ways your sight can be hindered, see clearly through the fog and particles coming your way!

Stop your eye fatigue- Staring at a screen all day can cause much more than headaches, keep your eyes clear of the unhealthy blue light!

Visionix are the ultimate choice- Stylish, protective and sturdy, Visionix are the perfect eyewear for keeping your sight sharp and safe throughout the day!

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