Victogoal-Multi-Functional Bike Helmet

Victogoal-Multi-Functional Bike Helmet Posted: June 8, 2021

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Product Description

The ultimate cycling helmet

Victogoal gives you everything you need to stay safe, seen and accommodated on the road! Made to adjust comfortably to every head, our innovative line of helmets are superior in every way!

Whenever you are having trouble seeing, the protective visor will shield you from the sun and wind while the rear light will help you navigate through the busy traffic or nightly streets!

To ensure your maximum safety, Victogoal absorbs the impact from falls and ventilates your head to keep your comfort while you push your limits and break new records!

Why Victogoal is for you

Protect your perception- Visibility is paramount to a cyclist’s safety, keep your vision clear of any hindrance with the built-in visor!

Perform at your best- Fusing hardened protection with aerodynamic comfort and an easily adjustable fit system Victogoal gives you the best cycling experience!

Noticed from afar- Having a rough time navigating through the streets, use the flashing lights on the back to signal perfectly every driver behind you!

Victogoal is the ultimate choice- Stay safe and seen on the streets at all times, enjoy your bike rides fully prepared to tackle any problem on the road!

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