VibeM-Distressed Flare Jeans

VibeM-Distressed Flare Jeans Posted: May 7, 2021

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Product Description

The 60s are back in style

Need a new pair of jeans to shake up the streets with? Give yourself that slim waist – big butt casual look you can style everywhere with our retro picks for the summer!

VibeM is ripped, open sleeved and super stretchy, they give your butt a boost and open up your ankles to give your comfort, freedom and a sexy new style for this summer!

You’ll feel the 60s vibes immediately, VibeM got inspired by the hottest fashion trends of that time, now is the time to bring back sexiness and freedom to the jeans!

Why VibeM is for you

Show your curves- Your bubble butt won’t go unseen, highlight your hourglass figure in the sexiest way possible!

Free up your legs- Tired of the tight jeans, VibeM keeps your waist slim and ankles free to give all the freedom, comfort and sexiness you wish!

Stay up to trend- Bring back that long-sleeved look we all love from the 60s, get the perfect retro style for this summer!

VibeM is the ultimate choice- You don’t need good genes to achieve that sexy hourglass look, VibeM shows your curves in their full beauty!

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