Vexa™️- Magnetic Tab Holder

Vexa™️- Magnetic Tab Holder Posted: August 9, 2019

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Product Description

Vexa™️- The Complete All-in-One Package That Makes You Ready For Any Welding Job

Are you tired of getting your tabs lost and don’t knowing where you put them? Luckily for you, we’ve created a way where we can make that problem a thing of the past. Introducing the Vexa™️– The magnet that keeps all of your magnets together and ready for the job.

Built with a lightweight yet super strong magnet that holds and keeps your tabs in the perfect position. Meaning you don’t have to constantly go back and readjust them every five minutes

Works on various different surfaces such as square/flat tubing surfaces or even round and more thicker surfaces such as pipes. Vexa™️ works like clockwork on any surface. Giving you better convenience no matter the surface.

Comes in a set of 4 so you can hold up to four tabs all at once. Saving you the time from trying to set up tabs one by one and wasting your time.

It’s not just our amazing products that have kept us in business for as long as we have. It’s our never-ending dedication to making sure that you have the best experience with us. With the Vexa™️, we offer efficient, easy, and most importantly better results. Get yours today so you can get through your next welding job in no time


Time Saver- Saving you the time from searching around for all of your tabs. Simply place them on the Vexa™️ and you can have them within reach without scrounging around in your tool belt.

 Positions Perfectly- Whether that’s on a flat surface like square tubing/bar rails or round surfaces like pipes or even poles. The Vexa™️ keeps your tabs in perfect position no matter the angle or shape.

Stronger Hold- Holds the heaviest of tabs in place with no problem. Perpendicular tab, parallel tab, or even on square tubing or round pipes. The Vexa™️ holds it all together so that you never have to worry about them falling off.

Easy To Use- Beginner friendly and easy to set up in no time. Making it simpler and more repeatable so that you can get the job done much easier.

Our Guarantee- If for any reason you feel that this product isn’t for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.

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