Vector Wrench™️- 8 In 1 Tool Socket

Vector Wrench™️- 8 In 1 Tool Socket Posted: August 9, 2019

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Product Description

Vector Wrench™️- The Perfect All-In-Solution To Get Any Handyman Job Done Fast And Easy

Are you still using that flimsy old wrench to get your work done? Starting today you can kiss that old wrench goodbye and say hello to the new and improved Vector Wrench™️– The 8-in-1 Tool that’s fit for every job.


Uniquely created with a 360 rotating multi-head that allows you to work from various different angles. Allowing you to adjust and work in those hard to reach areas.

Made with an ergonomic non-slip grip that is super comfortable and anti-rust stainless steel that doesn’t rust or show any signs of wear after years of use. Making it a must-have to keep in your tool belt for years and years to come.

Works well on spline bolts, 6 point, torx, 12 point, square damaged square bolts, and even hex round screws. Allowing you to unscrew and tighten for various different jobs without having a large toolbox.

What’s really amazing about the Vector Wrench is its convenience and how easily accessible it is. With the Vector Wrench™️, you get efficient, versatility and most of all an easier way to change between tools and get your jobs done faster.


Easy To Use- Making it beginner friendly for anyone just starting out. As soon as your done with one job you don’t have to switch tools just flip it over and you’re on to the next.

Efficient- Suitable for various nut sizes and made with a 360 rotation feature. Allowing you to keep working without putting down the wrench, Rounded hex, eternal-torx, spline, and even 12 point. Getting any job done with less time and hassle.

Multi-Functional- You can use it to fix up your bike, take screws out the wall, on your car, in your bathroom the list goes on. Making the Vector Wrench™️ perfect for any job.

Convenient- Saves you time, money and energy. Easily accessible and replaces your entire toolbox. Making it convenient when you’re constantly on the go and allows you to travel with less.

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