V-Mimic- 4 in 1 Smartphone Video Rig

V-Mimic- 4 in 1 Smartphone Video Rig Posted: August 23, 2020

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Product Description

Your all in one vlog studio set

Whether vlogging is your hobby, passion, or profession you know the challenges of getting good setup, our vlog studio set solves all previous inconveniences and makes every shot perfect!

V-Mimic has it all, a dedicated mic, lighting in different colors, a phone hanger and a tripod! Wherever you go you can rely on V-Mimic to set the stage for your recordings!

You don’t need to spend thousands on equipment to make professional looking vlogs. Your portable studio is ready to make you go viral, so get ready and press “record”!

Why V-Mimic for you

Record like a professional- V-Mimic has everything! With the exceptional lighting, dictated mic and phone holder you’ll shoot content like a pro.

Make content effortlessly- When everything is packed and ready, you can shoot from anywhere. After a minute of set up, you’ll be ready to go viral!

Grow an audience- With a dedicated studio for your content creating your quickly attract followers who enjoy quality content!

V-Mimic is the ultimate choice- You have everything to need to go viral with V-Mimic. The set makes vlogging the easiest thing in the world!

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