Uobi-Multi-Functional Food Basin

Uobi-Multi-Functional Food Basin Posted: September 26, 2020

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Product Description

The Utensils every kitchen needs

Our 3in1 cooking set is here to change the way you do kitchen work forever! Uobi serves as a slicer, chopper, strainer and a pot to simplify the way you cook and make things way easier!

You can be sure Uobi will help you for decades because it’s high-quality stainless steel it won’t catch rust, lose durability, or change color to serve you eternally.

All chefs love Uobi’s design because it saves drawer space, simplifies the process and does whatever you need. Cook without hassle knowing you have everything you need in Uobi!

Why Uobi is for you

Cooking with ease- You can do anything on Uobi, chop, slice the food and wash it all in it. Prep all the food for cooking in one dish.

The cook’s favorite- Uobi will clear your drawer with its compact design. You won’t be needing all the big dishes when Uobi replaces all of them.

Eternal quality- Made out of stainless steel, the dishes will never catch rust or lose durability. Uobi will serve you for life!

Uobi is the ultimate choice- Uobi makes chopping, slicing, draining, cleaning and cooking possible using one dish, making things simple and convenient!

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