Undermove-Non-Slip Furniture Pads

Undermove-Non-Slip Furniture Pads Posted: February 11, 2021

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Product Description

Pacify your furniture 

Undermove are the perfect pads for troublesome furniture! Put them on and you will stop your furniture from slipping, making nasty noises or scratches when moving.

If you have tiles or hardwood then your lighter furniture is on wheels and the heavier is dangerous for the floor. Undermove stops any sliding or scratching once placed.

Our pads are applicable to everything with legs in the house. With only one set you can mute, immobilize and scratch-proof all the furniture in your home!

Why Undermove are for you

Mute your furniture- Move the tables and chairs without having to endure the nasty sliding noises coming from the tiles or hardwood!

Stop the slipping- Stop your furniture from slipping around the smooth floor so you can relax without the chairs or sofa running away from you!

Scratchproof the floor- Protect your floor from scratches and cracks the heavy furniture can make when it’s moved around.

Undermove are the ultimate choice- Put an end to the nasty sounds, endless sliding and damaging scratches the furniture creates!

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