UltraLock-Heavy Duty Bike Lock

UltraLock-Heavy Duty Bike Lock Posted: May 28, 2021

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Product Description

Never lose a bike again

Today’s bike locks are just too unreliable to put your faith in. Reinforced to withstand any attack, UltraLock gives you peace of mind your bike will stay put anywhere you lock it!

Every firm object can become a guardpost for your bike, UltraLock is flexible enough to go around trees, lamp posts or whatever is near and create an indestructible hold for your bike!

When you don’t need it, it folds neatly so you can carry it easily with you. You have nothing to fear anymore, UltraLock gives you maximum security from any danger to your bike!

Why UltraLock is for you

Theft-proof design- Few things can stop a persistent thief, once you lock your bike with its unique key nothing will be able to break away the unbreakable hold!

Fits in your pocket- The bulky locks are always a hassle to carry around, UltraLock folds in a compact manner you can easily carry with you!

Engineered for security- Having trouble finding something to lock on to, UltraLock can seamlessly go around anything thanks to its flexible design!

UltraLock is the ultimate choice- Ride without worrying about your bike getting stolen, ensure your bike always stays firm in every neighborhood or hour!

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