Ultracap-9-In-1 Smart Charger

Ultracap-9-In-1 Smart Charger Posted: January 20, 2021

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Product Description

The only adapter your phone needs

Ultracap packs every essential your phone needs for you to stay connected wherever you go. Fit it in your pocket and be ready to adapt to any connection problem that might appear.

In its miniature design, you’ll find three types of adapters, six cable connectors, Sim card storage space, memory card readers and a phone candle for good measure.

Ultracap has a revolutionary design that integrates all the essential and most frequently used cable connectors and adapts. All of it in a pocket-sized form for traveling comfort!

Why Ultracap is for you

Adapt to the obstacles- Ultracap has three types of adapters and six cable connectors to help you adapt to any situation!

Never break connection- When there is no internet access Ultracap can read TF memory cards and support USB or and C to keep you accommodated wherever you go!

Keep your data close- When traveling you use the storage space for your sim cards. You’ll always find a place and use for it!

Ultracap is the ultimate choice- Adapt your phone to any circumstances and stay well suited when traveling or living abroad!

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