Tracetac-Trace And Race Educational Toy

Tracetac-Trace And Race Educational Toy Posted: December 9, 2020

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Product Description

The racing game that never ends

Tracetac sparkles creativity and never cases to engage the minds of the young! The lines you draw become racetracks for the smart racers to speed through and never miss!

There are no rules, only freedom to create wacky paths for the racers! The opportunities for fun racing adventures are just as endless as the imagination of your kids!

To spend a day full of creative racing you only need a maker, a racer and to let loose your imagination! Tracetac provokes thought and creativity like no other game out there!

Why Tracetac is for you

Follows you anywhere- The smart racers will follow every line you draw! Try to keep up because they always know where to go!

Create your racetrack- Let’s see if you’ve got the skills and imagination to design a racetrack that will challenge the smart racers!

The race never stops- As you create new tracks, Tracetac will keep you engaged and always ready for the next race!

Tracetac is the ultimate choice- Grab a magical marker and let your imagination loose on the race sheet! Can your track outsmart the racers?

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