Tracetac-Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Tracetac-Bluetooth Beanie Hat Posted: January 4, 2021

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Product Description

The ultimate utility hat for outdoorsmen

Tracetac is the companion every outdoorsman needs! On your nights out enjoy a well-lit path wherever you go and the convenience of wireless earbuds as soon as you put on the cap!

Tracetac combines all the useful utilities a person needs on their outdoor adventures in a stylish beanie, perfect for when it gets cold! Enjoy a warmer and safer night out in the wood’s mountains or just about wherever!

Free up your hands from holding your phone or the flashlight and your outdoor activates more convenient than ever! The dark is never a problem when Tracetac is sporting your head!

Why Tracetac is for you

Never stray away- You’ll always know where to go when the LED light flashes the path forward to make your nighttime travels clear as day!

Always in touch- Tracetac offers an easy way to stay connected via the seamless speakers and mic. Staying in touch is more convenient than ever!

Conquer the outdoors- Wheatear you are out camping, hiking or simply jogging Tracetac brings you modern continence wherever you go!

Tracetac is the ultimate choice- Our super beanie is all the headgear you need to stay safe, warm and well suited for the night in the outdoors!

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