TraceDraw-Trace And Draw Projector

TraceDraw-Trace And Draw Projector Posted: November 29, 2020

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Product Description

The ultimate drawing helper for kids

TraceDraw combines education and engagement to help children of all ages learn how to draw like artists. The kids will have fun drawing numerous wondrous figures while mastering the art!

Playing with it is simple, just put a disk, start the projector and an image will appear on the canvas, follow it with a pencil and soon enough your kids will learn how to draw like cartoonists.

Spark your children’s artistic side with a toy that will teach them how to draw figures and shapes better than all the other children! With practice and a pencil, nothing will be impossible to draw!

Why TraceDraw is for you

Draw like an artist- Follow along the projected image with a pencil and you’ll make drawings like a true cartoonist!

Art school at home- Each drawing your kid creates under TraceDraw is a great practice for their painting and creative skills!

Fun with no end- Drawing wondrous figures and shapes never gets boring for the young mind. TraceDraw provokes endless creativity!

TraceDraw is the ultimate choice- Every child can draw like an artist with TraceDraw help. Just follow the projection and soon you’ll be ready to create your own cartoons!

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