TouchInk-Finger Painting Art Kit

TouchInk-Finger Painting Art Kit Posted: June 14, 2021

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Product Description

Learn to paint with the rainbow

TouchInk makes painting possible for everyone! Our finger painting kit has everything your kids need to spend a whole day of painting without leaving a mess behind!

Set just like the rainbow, TouchInk gives your children 12 vivid colors to paint with. You just have to dip your finger into the color and then paint away with it on the sheet.

Because it’s safe, non-sticky and easy to wash, TouchInk is great for introducing your toddler to the wonderful art of painting without worrying about their safety or your furniture!

Why TouchInk is for you

Leave no mess behind- Enjoy a far-safer way of painting, TouchInk is non-toxic, doesn’t stick on furniture and falls off after a quick wash!

Touch the rainbow- Put your fingers to work and create the most vivid painting, the classic rainbow set has every color you need!

Fun for everyone- Don’t leave anyone out of the game, if you’ve got a pair of fingers and a creative side then TouchInk is for you!

TouchInk is the ultimate choice- Discover the enjoyment of painting with your own fingers and you’ll never want to use the brush again!

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