Tomark-Waterproof Non-Fading Tire Pen

Tomark-Waterproof Non-Fading Tire Pen Posted: July 29, 2020

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Product Description

Bring a distinct look no other vehicle has

If you love riding, then you’ll love this pen! Tomark is a versatile paint marker for tires of all types. You can draw cool patterns or fill in scratches to make your vehicle fresher than ever.

The paint is waterproof and doesn’t wear off, whatever you draw it will stay until you change the tires. Tomarks come in different colors to match the paint job of your car.

A few cool lines can change the whole vibe of your vehicle. You can be sure no one will outmatch you in style or creativity.

Why Tomark is for you

Make yourself known- When you pull up everyone is gonna recognize the distinct patterns you’ve drawn on the tires.

Style every wheel- Tomark easily draws on all tire types. All your wheeled vehicles can now get a fresh look.

Survives longer than the tire- Every line you draw will stay on forever! Tomark doesn’t wear off under hazardous conditions.

Tomark is the ultimate choice- If you want to stand out do something no one else has. Style the tires to match your personality!

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