Tieheart-Love Lock Necklace Set

Tieheart-Love Lock Necklace Set Posted: January 7, 2021

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Product Description

The only gift you need to show commitment to your partner

Tieheart creates a pact of trust and commitment for you and your partner. Symbolizing your bond, it locks one’s wrist with a bracelet and gives the key as a neckless to the other.

Elegant, beautiful and heartwarming, Tieheart is a manifestation of your deepest feelings for one another! Distance will separate you no more as long as the lock holds firm!

Through one symbolic gesture, you can show your beloved exactly how much you mean to them. Seal your feelings in a bond time nor people can brake to immortalize your love!

Why Tieheart is for you

Bound your feelings- Seal your feelings for one another with lock and key and your affection will stay strong well into the unknown future!

Show your devotion- Form a true promise of love everyone can see and adore! Apart from being meaningful, Tieheart fashions you with a touch of elegance!

A mutual commitment- Immortalize your love through a commitment only few dare to have! Are you ready for the next step in your relationship?

Tieheart is the ultimate choice- No gift brings more meaning to your relationship than Tieheart! Make a gesture that’s worth a thousand words!

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