Tidelight-Peel & Stick Multipurpose Light

Tidelight-Peel & Stick Multipurpose Light Posted: January 31, 2021

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Product Description

Bring proper lighting to your bedroom

Tidelight brings a solution to the gloomy, dim-lit corners of your bedroom to help you read, write and work under adjustable, warm lighting, perfect for keeping your sight intact!

You don’t need to put it on a stand or drill holes to get a good angle. You can hang it easily from the wall or ceiling and get the right coverage to where you need light the most!

Tidelight is suitable for any activity and any place to help you stay out of the dark everywhere, at all times! Install it in a minute and you won’t have troubles in the dark again!

Why Tidelight is for you

What a healthy sight needs- Read, write and work under lighting suitable for your eyes to easily avoid sight problems caused by dim lighting!

Just where you need it- Simply attach the stickers and Tidelight will stick to them and give you a night lamp just where you need one!

Never in the dark- Tidelight can easily reach any dark corner in your room to crank up the brightness level of the place!

Tidelight is the ultimate choice- Bring a bright solution to any dark corner of your home without drilling holes or taking space from your quarters!


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