Tidam- Foldable Water Bags

Tidam- Foldable Water Bags Posted: August 12, 2020

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Product Description

We’ve made the perfect water carrier

Water can be scarce in certain scenarios, this makes having a reliable water carrier a priority! In Tidam you’ll find versatility, convenience and all the storage you’ll need!

When empty they fold for easy carrying and expand greatly when filled, giving you a smart way of storing water bags. You’ll never have to carry empty bulky bags again!

When out use the spigot to turn Tidam into a portable sink to make the outdoors much more convenient! You won’t find a more versatile water carrier for this price!

Why Tidam is for you

As big as you want them- Tidam is compact when empty and expands greatly when full. They are easy to carry and store even when full.

Simple hydration solution- It’s easy to stay hydrated when Tidam is around! The adjustable spigot pours water like a sink.

An outdoorsman’s dream- Tidam’s versatile design makes them perfect for outdoor hydration needs. You’ll find a use form them anytime you are going out.

Tidam is the ultimate choice- Our water carrier takes care of all your hydration needs! When out you’ll have a portable sink by your side.

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