TicSwing-Interactional Stress-Relief Game

TicSwing-Interactional Stress-Relief Game Posted: April 9, 2021

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Product Description

The brain game you want to play

Brain growth doesn’t come from staying idle, TicSwing brings a new fun challenge for everyone in a family. The entertainment is endless and the puzzles come with each “tick”.

TicSwing uses a simple yet tough-to-crack puzzle formula that can easily bring you days of playtime. It’s great for everyone, especially for the fast-thinking minds of the kids!

When you play you also learn to solve problems quicker, think faster and develop your motor skills, it’s everything you want from a brain game. Start your endless journey of entertainment with TicSwing!

Why TicSwing is for you

Never bored again- Don’t know how to pass the time, find endless entertainment in trying out to solve TicSwing’s colorful puzzles!

Strengthen the brain- Finally, a brain game that is actually fun, challenge your problem-solving skills and let’s see how fast you can figure it out!

Escape from the virtual- Show your kids the best games are in the real world, help them escape the screen and start playing something real!

TicSwing is the ultimate choice- Education and entertainment now come together, help your kids develop faster and play smarter!

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