Tichold-Gooseneck Mobile Phone Holder

Tichold-Gooseneck Mobile Phone Holder Posted: February 6, 2021

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Product Description

The ultimate phone holding companion

Enjoy your free time on your phone without having to hold it! Thanks to its sturdy and flexible design, Tichold easily creates the perfect viewing angle from anywhere.

You can now free your hands and ease your neck while watching a movie or surfing the net. Tichold helps you to be lazy in a simpler and more comfortable way.

You’ll find plenty of mounting spots around the house so you can relax easily in your bed on the sofa or even in the bathtub. Pick a comfortable spot and stay comfortably lazy with Tichold!

Why Tichold is for you

It’s easy to be lazy- Free up your hands and ease your neck while using your phone to relax fully in your free time!

Pick your perfect angle- Easily adjust the gooseneck to get the perfect viewing angle while resting in bed, on the sofa or even in the bathtub!

There when you need it- Anywhere is a good spot to mount Tichold! A comfortable view is easy to achieve from everywhere in your home!

Tichold is the ultimate choice- Discover how easy dealing with your phone becomes when someone can hold it from any position at all times!

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