Threadcom-Cable Wire Threading Device

Threadcom-Cable Wire Threading Device Posted: February 14, 2021

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Product Description

Install power cables and wires with ease

Tired of the time-consuming and tricky process of getting power cables through voids and holes? Threadcom helps you guide them without hassle or wasting any time!

This threading device for wires and cables is the perfect helper for threading cables and wires through occupied and tight spaces, helping you move wires through any obstacle!

Unlike fiberglass wire, Threadcom will not break if you bend it too much nor curl once put inside. Start guiding wires seamlessly to never lose time or nerves on the job!

Why Threadcom is for you

Crosses any obstacle- Find how easy it is to get the wires through occupied duct sand panel boxes by threading them with Threadcom!

Fits where you cannot- Threadcom can go through spaces where your hands can’t so you can easily guide the wires through tight spaces!

Instant installations- Stop relying on luck to get the cables to the end, thread them through any hole to make the job quick!

Threadcom is the ultimate choice- You can now seamlessly guide wires and cables through any tight space to make installments quicker and simpler

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