Telewipes-Multi-Functional Tissue Box

Telewipes-Multi-Functional Tissue Box Posted: November 22, 2020

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Product Description

The handiest companion for screen junkies

Telewipes is the next best invention since sliced bread! It combines a tissue holder with a phone stand to maximize your convenience when watching videos while eating.

It’s cute, retro look will bring some life to any place you set it. Simply slip it in when you want to watch something, and if your hands get dirty while doing so there will always be a tissue in reach!

Unique, stylish and practical Telewipes are the best companion for watching videos on your phone. You’ll never stain your screen again when there’s a tissue in reach!

Why Telewipes are for you

No greasy screens- When you have to scroll on your phone a tissue will be waiting to clean your dirty hands and make sure the screen stays clean

Keep it tidy- When you are watching your phone while you’re eating, crying or doing other things with your hands you’ll always have a wipe in reach!

A TV with a twist- Telewipes’ charming retro look is its greatest asset. Put your phone inside it and it will function like one.

Telewipes are the ultimate choice- Who knew combing a tissue holder with a phone stand will solve so many problems!

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