Tasteage-Number Cake Mold

Tasteage-Number Cake Mold Posted: March 21, 2021

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Product Description

Turn your age into a delicious cake

Age is not only a number, it can also be your next yummiest dessert! Bake beautiful pastries out of numbers to make your birthdays and anniversaries yummier than ever!

Forget about candles, make your age a treat! Tasteage are non-sticky, easy to de-mold and work for all kinds of pastries, baking with them is simple and fun!

Tasteage never fail to pop out a perfect pastry, use them and you’ll never have to scrap a baking project. Make the perfect cakes for your special occasions easily with Tasteage!

Why Tasteage are for you

Taste your age- Make your birthday celebration an even bigger treat! Easily shape your delicious pastries into your new age!

The yummiest birthday- Replace the candles with tasty cakes made out of numbers for an even sweeter birthday!

Simple baking- Put your filled numbers right into the oven and easily pop them out! You can’t go wrong when baking with Tasteage!

Tasteage is the ultimate choice- Prepare the perfect treat for the next birthday, surprise your loved ones with the most personalized cakes ever!

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