Tambry- Danish Dough Whisk

Tambry- Danish Dough Whisk Posted: August 25, 2020

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Product Description

Make dough like Europe’s finest bakers

Tambry is a tool that saves you hours of hard work in the kitchen. Made from traditional Danish design, it can whisk even the toughest of doughs with simple hand movements.

The wires are bend to make mixing as efficient and effortless as possible. Nothing sticks on Tambry so nothing goes to waste, the cleaning part is the easiest!

You will be stunned how amazing the bread will turn out to be! When Tambry takes care of the dough every pastry you make will be worthy of a Danish artisan.

Why Tambry is for you

Whisks 3-times faster- Tambry uses a traditional Danish design to make mixing even the heaviest of doughs faster and easier than ever before!

Mess-free dough making- Unlike other mixes, leftovers don’t stick on Tambry. Making your own dough will not result in a sickly mess!

Delicious pastries await- Imagine the flavor of perfectly whisked dough. After Tambry is done with the dough you’ll bake a masterpiece!

Tambry is the ultimate choice- No need to make your hands sticky and tried to make your dough. Choose the Danish way and see how easy it can be.

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