Tactgo-Rechargeable Head Lamp

Tactgo-Rechargeable Head Lamp Posted: August 16, 2020

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Product Description

There is no darkness when you have these headlights on

This night vision headlight is the perfect light source for adventures in the dark! Powerful, sturdy and reliable, the outdoor nights become far easier to navigate through.

Tactgo lights up at up to half a mile so nothing will be left unseen in the dark. Each light rotates up to 90 degrees and has 4 different light modes to help you under any circumstance.

With Tactgo strapped on your head, you’ll see everything in the dark! Its design is made to survive even the harshest of conditions so you always have a reliable light source by your side!

Why Tactgo is for you

Light up your path- Whether you are out in the wild or your head is under the hood of a car, Tactgo will light up everything around you.

Blindingly powerful- Switch between the brightness modes for optimal vision in the dark. The three LED lights beam like a spotlight to turn the night sky blue again.

The most reliable light source- Tactgo are perfect for hazardous conditions where durability matters. They are the best choice for a wild adventure in the dark!

Tactgo is the ultimate choice- With your hands freed and your path lighted there is nothing stopping you from continuing your journey in the dark.

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