SnuggleMe – Plush Cat Pillow

SnuggleMe – Plush Cat Pillow Posted: October 24, 2019

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Product Description

The Perfect Pillow for the Animal Lover in Your Life!

Never feel lonely again, and always be surrounded by your furry friends with SnuggleMe, a super soft plush pillow with a super cute cat face that is sure to make you smile and raise your spirits!

Extremely soft to the touch it elicits a cacophony of pleasurable sensations as you snuggle up to this adorable cat pillow.. now you’ll always have something to snuggle on a cold lonely night

Made from 100% eco friendly and hypoallergenic material this purrfect pillow is allergenic and asthma friendly to optimize your comfort and enjoyment.. now that’s value!

Great for back and neck support this special pillow will keep you from slumping over and putting undue pressure on your spine helping prevent waking up with any back aches or pains

So if you’re looking for a friendly, smiling cat face pillow look no further our patented SnuggleMe plush pillow will be there waiting to snuggle and keep you warm and relaxed, every single night!


Cleans Easily – a breeze to clean simply throw this adorable kitty into the washer just like a piece of clothing or any other regular household item!

Hypoallergenic – this flag is made up of polyester and nylon so it will dry quickly after rain and hold up to years of punishment

Snuggle Buddy – never worry about being sad and lonely, this adorable smiling cat face pillow will cheer you up in a heartbeat and keep you warm on cold nights!

Our Guarantee – If for any reason you feel that this product isn’t for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!

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