SnuffRuff-Interactive Dog Puzzle

SnuffRuff-Interactive Dog Puzzle Posted: February 13, 2021

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Product Description

The first ever puzzle toy for dogs

SnuffRuff creates endless entertaining forging challenges from the comfort of your home! Try it out and watch how your pet will quickly solve the puzzles you create!

Simply hide a couple of treats inside the little pockets and watch how your buddy will sniff them out one at a time! It’s a great exercise and an engaging game with no end.

Introduce SnuffRuff to help your dog satisfy its natural instincts and relieve stress all the while you play together without having to leave home’s comfort!

Why SnuffRuff is for you

Reward their curiosity- Create fun little puzzles for your dog’s sniffing abilities that always end with a yummy snack!

Challenge their instincts- Test your creativity against their powerful noses to see how much time will it take your buddy to find their hidden treat!

Create a real hunt- Engage your pet in a foraging game that not only satisfies their hunting instincts but also hones their sniffing skills as well!

SnuffRuff is the ultimate choice- Help your dog relieve stress, let off steam and satisfy their instincts from the comfort of your home’s carpet!

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