SnowSlips-Fleece Indoor Slippers

SnowSlips-Fleece Indoor Slippers Posted: November 25, 2020

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Product Description

Santa’s favorite slippers

Santa’s elves have crafted the jolliest pair of winter slippers to keep your Christmas spirits high and your feet warm, cozy and comfy throughout the whole winter!

SnowSlips are engraved with the cutest Christmas ornaments and come in wonders colors! Sewed with cotton and held by rubber they are soft on the foot and durable on the sole!

What’s best is that they make for the perfect themed present that warms hearts and soles! Get ready for the merriest of holidays in the jolliest pair out there!

Why SnowSlips are for you

Never wear out- Made by the craftiest elves, SnowSlips will comfort your feet for a lifetime, the reinforced rubber soles will never wear out!

Winter’s warmest- The fine cotton is not only super soft but keeps your feet warm, cozy and comfy throughout the coldest of days!

The jolliest pair- SnowSlips come in the most festive designs for you to spend the holidays in the most suitable slippers!

SnowSlips are the ultimate choice- For this Christmas, you can gift someone a themed present that will warm their hearts and soles!

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