Snowslides-Snowfall LED Lights

Snowslides-Snowfall LED Lights Posted: December 8, 2020

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Product Description

The most magical holiday lights

Snowslides create scenes you only see in movies! Shaped like icicles and full of bright LED bulbs they shine as if light is falling from the sky to create a truly magical scene!

You can find a fit for them on any roof, tree or porch, all it takes is to hang them and they’ll be ready to illuminate the scene with festive light and romantic vibes!

The pouring lights set the perfect holiday atmosphere and turn any gloomy place into a sparkling heaven. Santa will never miss a home with such a distinct Christmas décor!

Why Snowslides are for you

Let it snow- The luminous lights pour down in perfect sequence to recreate the romantic scenery of falling snow and fill you with festive joy!

Transform any scenery- Just like icicles, Snowslides can find a place to hang on every tree, roof or porch and make it magical!

Set the Christmas tone- Now is the perfect time to light up your home and bring the Christmas spirits in the brightest of ways!

Snowslides are the ultimate choice- Put up Snowslides around your home and you’ll see just how magical Christmas can really be!

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