Smoke Stick-Pellet Smoker Tube

Smoke Stick-Pellet Smoker Tube Posted: June 12, 2021

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Product Description

Turn the grill into a smoker

Smoke Stick gives everyone a way to enrich their barbeque experience with more tenderness and flavor by making smoking simple and easy on every griller you use!

You can give a different taste to your meat every time by switching between wood pellets and chips and enjoy a constant smoke during the whole grilling season!

Whether you are a seasoned griller or just want to try something new, Smoke Stick can help you enhance the flavor of every meal you grill in a seamless smoky manner!

Why Smoke Stick is for you

Enhance the flavor- Get that rich smoky barbeque taste inside and out on all your grillings in just a few simple steps!

Outperform the competition- Show everyone who is the barbeque master, surprise their senses with the most tender taste they’ve tired!

Seamless smoking- Getting the cheese, meat and fish smoked is no longer a hassle, enjoy continuous undying smoke for up to 5 hours!

Smoke Stick is the ultimate choice- Fill your next grilled meal with flavor and a tender taste that won’t go unnoticed by the guests!

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