SmileStream-Kids Sprinkler Bath Toy

SmileStream-Kids Sprinkler Bath Toy Posted: March 18, 2021

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Product Description

Turn bathing into a game

The rowdy kids can make bath time into a nightmare if you are not prepared! SmileStream can help you make every showering experience enjoyable and easy!

The cute elephant toy will keep your kids distracted as you wash them while the gentle stream will help you clean them easily without frightening or hurting their little heads.

SmileStream installs in a breeze and fits on any shower. Create the best memories with your younglings while you shower, smile and enjoy your time together in the bath!

Why SmileStream is for you

Shower with a friend- Let your children enjoy every moment of their bathing experience with a cute friend by their side!

Keep your smile- The heavy stream is too much for the young ones to handle, SmileStream’s gentle breeze makes sure no one will cry!

Bathe in peace- Bath time doesn’t have to be a struggle, show your child how fun bathing can get with a toy around!

SmileStream is the ultimate choice- Gentle, safe and entertaining, SmileStream turns bath time into an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

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