Smileice-Butterfly Shaped Ice Cubes

Smileice-Butterfly Shaped Ice Cubes Posted: August 10, 2021

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Product Description

Ice up with style

You’ve never seen ice cubes such as these! Enhance your drink with a sweeter taste and cooler flavor using Smileice, the perfect ice molders for your next summer party!

Beautifully shaped and easily poppable, our crystal butterflies make your drink unique and full of cuteness! Eight magical cubes are ready to pop and help you refresh at any time!

The last thing your summer party needs is your drinks getting warmer, bring a refreshing feel to the party with a full batch of the loveliest ice cubes you’ve ever seen!

Why Smileice is for you

Crystalized beauty- Give your ice cubes a cute summer shape, mold them into lovely butterflies to add more sweetness to every drink you put them in!

Enough for everyone- Help your family refresh during the hot day, easily pop out a whole batch of your artsy-looking ice butterflies!

Hours of freshness- Enjoy the sight of the lovely butterflies floating in your glass while unwinding with a cool drink in hand!

Smileice is the ultimate choice- No party is complete without some cool ice molds styling your drink, bring the winter’s freshness to your next party!

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