Smart-Screw-18-In-1 Multifunctional Tool

Smart-Screw-18-In-1 Multifunctional Tool Posted: September 29, 2020

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Product Description

With this tool you can do it all

A wrench or a screwdriver always comes in handy, but it’s uncomfortable carrying them around, Smart-Screw solves this by functioning as 18 tools at once while fitting in your pocket.

Shaped like a snowflake it’s truly special, on each side and between you’ll find a use for it when you are getting work done.  It replaces a whole toolbox worth of functions!

Everything you’ll ever need Smart-Screw can do and even more! Carrying one around means you are prepared for anything, so fit one in and never reach for the toolbox again!

Why Smart-Screw is for you

Unscrew anything- In its elaborate design, you’ll find more than 18 functions. From opening a beer to turning a screw, you can do it all with one tool.

No need for a toolbox- You can leave the heavy tools at home and fit Smart-Screw in your pocket. One steel snowflake replaces a whole toolbox.

The handyman’s jewelry- Explore the outdoors knowing you have every tool there is in your pocket. With Smart-Screw you are prepared for anything!

Smart-Screw is the ultimate choice- Our snowflake has every function you’ll find in a toolbox to bring you an all in one gadget you’ll use every day.

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