SlipStop-Soft Anti-Slip Shoulder Pads

SlipStop-Soft Anti-Slip Shoulder Pads Posted: September 16, 2021

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Product Description

Give your shoulders a boost

Strengthen your physique in just a second with our seamless shoulder pads! Designed to fit anyone and solve every aesthetic problem, SlipStop gives you a confidence boost like no other!

Once you tuck them in you stay on the move without worrying they might slip off. SlipStop attaches like a second pair of skin to give you a better look and seamless support all day long!

Tuck them in under your outfit and watch how your whole physique transforms from bland to bulky! Create a more defined shoulder look at no expense of your time or comfort!

Why SlipStops are for you

Sharpen your physique – Seamlessly bulk up your shoulders into a more defined shape without ever going to the gym!

Non-stop comfort – Once you stick them to your shoulders they won’t fall off so you can go about your day in a more confident pose

Invisible support – Enhance your look without ever worrying someone might find out, SlipStop’s transparent silicone blends under any outfit!

SlipStops are the ultimate choice – Boost your shoulders’ shape in a seamless way to create a physique you’ll be proud to show!

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