Slipim-Orthopedic Summer Sandals

Slipim-Orthopedic Summer Sandals Posted: May 1, 2021

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Product Description

The comfiest summer sandal

Are the old sandals giving you soreness or sprains? You can open up your feet in a comfortable way with Slipim! Designed by orthopedics, our sandals keep your feet healthy and comfy all day long!

Unlike the typical hard bottoms, Slipim’s soles are made with nano-foam to keep your posture stable and support you with incredible softness, they are better than clouds!

You can spend a whole day walking without hurting your feet. If you feel pain in the ankles or soles then it’s time for a change, give your feet the support they need to stay healthy and happy!

Why Slipim is for you

Free your feet- Give your feet all the summer freedom they need, Slipim’s open design is the perfect choice for the hot days!

Step on clouds- Want to enjoy the summer, even more, let your feet sink into Slipim’s nano-foam to feel like you are walking on clouds!

Orthopedic support- Don’t let the hard sole hurt your feet, keep your feet healthy, stable and supported during your long walks!

Slipim is the ultimate choice- Step out feeling free, supported and comfy down below to feel nothing but comfort all summer long!

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