SlimSlip-No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

SlimSlip-No Tie Elastic Shoelaces Posted: August 29, 2020

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Product Description

A solution to the annoying shoelace

Turn your shoes into slip-on’s and ever tie them again! Our stretchy shoelaces are here to relive your feet from the discomfort fixed shoelaces create.

After putting them on you just have to slip in, SlimSlips make it simple. The stretchy silicone opens up the shoe to bring you the freedom and comfort you’ve been lacking.

The quirky neon colors bring a whole new look to your shoes, even the old ones will look cool again. If you enjoy comfort, then ditch the tight shoelaces and put on SlimSlips!

Why SlimSlips are for you

Slip in and out- No tying is needed when SlimSlips are strapped on your shoes. Just slip your foot and you are ready to go!

Express in color- The neon colors put a whole different vibe on your shoes. Express yourself with a distinct look no one has tried.

Flexible comfort- Each lace stretches perfectly, giving you more space and comfort to move around unlike any fixed laces.

SlimSlips are the ultimate choice- No more lace tying, no more tight shoes! SlimSlips give you the freedom and comfort your feet deserve.

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