SlimSlack-Rotating Bathroom Shelf

SlimSlack-Rotating Bathroom Shelf Posted: April 6, 2021

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Product Description

The caddy your bathroom needs

It’s never fun when you can’t find enough space for your bathroom toiletries. SlimSlack brings all the storage space you need to organize your cosmetics with ease.

The self-adhesive shelves can stick anywhere and hold the heavy bottles. Inside you’ll find organizers and racks which create ample space for every item in your bathroom.

You can shower with convenience knowing everything you need is within your reach. Make your beauty routine far more enjoyable, bring a lasting organization to your bathroom!

Why SlimSlack is for you

Always accommodated- Are the soap and towel not reachable from the shower, then bring them closer for maximum convenience!

Create your space- Don’t let the filth take hold, easily drain the bottoms when it fills with water to keep your bottles clean of bacteria!

Never let’s go- Can’t find space for all the bathroom cosmetics, bring a lasting storage solution you can stick in a breeze!

SlimSlack is the ultimate choice- Organize your bathroom once and for all, create space for all your daily cosmetics and store them anywhere you wish!


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