Skelyset-Halloween Cutlery Sets

Skelyset-Halloween Cutlery Sets Posted: August 30, 2021

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Product Description

Halloween will never taste the same

If you like celebrating Halloween then you’ll love dining with Skelyset! Our handmade boney cutlery set lets you experience what it’s like to dine with the undead!

Serving as pristine decorations and functional cutlery, Skelyset sets the perfect atmosphere for the Halloween evening! Each skeleton can scare you and serve your food in a different way!

For your spooking nights, Skelyset is a must-have on the table! Their statue-like designs make them perfect standalone decorations and creative gifts for the lovers of horror!

Why Skelyset is for you

Dine with the undead- Bring some unexpected guests to the dinner table, have a bite with the spooky skeletons as your cutlery!

Eat like demons- Bring a spooky vibe even on the table, eat like you are dining in hell with the bodies of the damned!

Throw them a bone- We all have some friends who love horror, surprise them for next Halloween with a gift that will leave them speechless!

Skelyset is the ultimate choice- Set the perfect mood for your Halloween dinners with a cutlery set made from the bones of the graveyard!

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